Operation process of nail enhancement

For women who love beauty, the beauty of their hands is second only to the beauty of their faces. So nowadays, nail salons are very popular for women. Girls who pursue beauty will certainly seize the opportunity to become more beautiful, and of course, let their fingertips become stylish. If you want to achieve home made nail enhancement, you need some tools to help. After all, nail enhancement can not be done easily. Here, you need a set of tools to complete it.

1、 Tools required for home nail enhancement

Home nail care requires not only your own skills, but also the preparation of nail care tools. Tools that need to be prepared before nail enhancement include: dead skin push, dead skin scissors, sand bar, nail primer, nail polish needed, and nail polish.

2、 Specific nail enhancement steps.

1. First, wash your hands, and then push the dead skin from the root of your nails. This step can make the user's nail surface smooth, but if it is often damaged, the dirt pushed up can be gently scratched on the other end with dead skin, and then the dead skin scissors can be used to carefully cut off the dead skin just pushed up.

2. After completing the first step above, you need to use sand bars to rub your nails into the desired shape. This step is helpful for users to create a pair of beautiful nails.

3. Apply a primer to the nail surface. Apply a layer of primer, which can effectively enhance the hardness of nails, thus protecting nails.

4. After the nail polish becomes very dry, you can apply your favorite nail polish. In this step, you can actually paint two layers, because usually the color and luster of the two layers will be better. The things to remember during the operation are that the first layer should be completely dry before the second layer is painted.

5. Then, it is to apply a layer of bright oil. The effect of bright oil is to make the color of nails that have been manicured more durable and stable, and it is not easy to fall off.