About our products

About our products

1. Our products are purchased from China and shipped from China.

2. We choose good quality and cheap goods, which are far lower than the local market price.

3. We have our own factory and designer team in China, as well as strong supplier partners. We can provide a large number of new fashion products every day. We select the best products from these products and provide them to you.

4. In order to provide you with goods at the fastest speed, some descriptions on the pictures of our website page may be in Chinese. If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service at any time through online communication, e-mail, etc., and he can answer them for you.

5. Except for the commodities marked with S925 pure silver. Gold, diamonds and pearls written on other commodity pages are generally gold-plated, artificial diamonds and cultured pearls.

6. Note on the weight of goods: we calculate the freight according to the weight of each goods. Because the goods have PP bags, or the packing of goods requires foam, cartons, etc., the marked weight of our goods is several grams more than the actual weight of the goods.

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